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Anton and Chekhov The Cherry Orchard

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Continue to support the city of flowers vividly for half a century The same big as me, crepe 3 shaku, my heart will not be broken even if I scatter it The body that should support peace Today and tomorrow Did you forget that you forgot the big cherry tree that bloomed in your garden when you were young? The cherry blossom petals in full bloom that fall on and color the peace Come on, Hongman Stand up again, stupid, let's make the Hongman cherry blossoms bloom.



03/2012 Tokyo/Japan Asahi Art Square

02/2012 Tokyo/Japan Theater Geki

09/2011 Sapporo/Japan Theater BLOCH

08/2011 Tokyo/Japan Ueno Park Outdoor Stage

02/2011 Tokyo/Japan Asahi Art Square

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