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I just miss THE GRAVITY. [4K]

KPR / Opening Pennant Race Short version of the latest work "I just miss THE GRAVITY." An astronaut who returned to the earth saying "I just miss gravity now" from a long journey in zero gravity space, but there was a social distance advocated. As a result, it was a world of loneliness without gravity (relationship) after COVID-19, where no one was gone.

Performances sponsored by the Japan Society


There are three witches there.
And Macbeth is in everyone's greedy heart.
The voice of the witch is the voice of Macbeth's own heart.
Even if Macbeth dies and a new champion is born
The witch will not stop whispering prophecy to another Macbeth.
All the dead Macbeths wait for a new Macbeth in the ring.
And we have believed in the myth of safety, which is nothing more than a prophecy.
The Burnham Forest is already in motion.
What does the witch whisper to us who pretend to be unaware?
And what will we whisper to the next Macbeth?

Ashita no Ma-Joe: Rocky Macbeth (digest)

Ashita no Ma-Joe: Rocky Macbeth Commentary

As a related project of the "Radicalism in the Wilderness: Japanese Contemporary Artists in the Global 1960s" exhibition held at the Japan Society from March 8th to June 9th, 2019, "Tomorrow's Witch Yo [or Rocky Macbeth]" Is sponsored and performed by the same society.


The exhibition "Radicalism in the Wilderness: Global Japanese Contemporary Artists in the 1960s" focuses on Japanese expressions that are leading the art of the 1960s and have global significance with pioneering experimentation. It is full of "various strategies to break the preconceived notions of art" and introduces expressions that broaden the definition of visual art, including various practices such as performance, mail art, and land art. Was taken up as a related program because it is a radical work that fuses "Tomorrow's Joe" and "Macbeth", which became a social phenomenon in Japan in the 1960s.

オーガスタス 父を探し求める

The love of parents and children, who never returned to the existing "Kura" from the Edo period, was put away. Allowed to witness, we are beginning to realize that there is no time for love.
What if my son Augustus and his father, the night watchman, were aware of each other from the beginning? If the flow of time of nine years that separated the two had disappeared in an instant.

I remember Yoji Aoi who told me that day, "There is no modern theater without the influence of these two works," Waiting for Godo "and" Zoo Story. "

It seems that the scenery of memory is always adapted and directed by oneself. In other words, nostalgia may be a dialogue with the present self.

This is a memoir by the current Augusta.
We are always living in the present.

1969: A Space Odyssey? Oddity! in2017 Tokyo Tour

KPR World Tour

1969:A Space Odyssey?Oddity!

in Tokyo

1969: A Space Odyssey? Oddity! (digest)

“1969:A Space Odyssey?Oddity!”, although inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre`s“Huis clos(No Exit)”, setting has been transferred to the outer space in near future and reconstructed entirely. At the time on the earth, the year of 1969, when human being have put the first step upon the surface of the Moon, is being repeated. ‘Does science outlive History?’ Should our heroes, the three astronauts, find any answer to this ultimate question? What kind of an answer could it be if they should find one? Trusted for being energetic, sur-realistic and evocative of metamorphoses of meanings, Kaimaku Pennant Race proudly present our newest production at The 25th Shimokitazawa Theater Festival & A TPAM Showcase program, aiming at playing overseas soon.(Running Time 60 minutes / with English Subtitles)

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