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About KPR


The battle between Romeo and Juliet is a lonely task. For the two who believe they are united in love, for their bodies, it is a "fight against the changes that are in front of them," and that place, the moment, is their own.


And the battle between the two ends in a tragic love in each loneliness.

The fight for us, it's also in the private room of the toilet. It is truly a "fight against the changes in the body in front of us", and it can be said that there is no overwhelmingly lonely work that has been handed down while confronting all ages and environments so simple.


In this work "ROMEO and TOILET", we draw the crystals of love that appear at the end of each lonely work. Then, the moment the crystal of love falls into the toilet bowl, the next tragic love knocks on the door of the kitchen, and the dry sound echoes lonely throughout the all-standing venue.



02/2016 Tokyo/Japan Theatre Tram
09/2014 Yokohama/Japan Sotetsu Honda Theater
03/2010 Tokyo/Japan Theater Green BOX in BOX Theater
12/2009 Tokyo/Japan Asahi Art Square
08/2009 New York/Here Arts Centre


by Hisato Fujiwara

by Erik Piepenburg

by Michael Mraz

by Elizabeth Barr

by Nicole C. Lee

Rotozaza / UK

by Ant Hampton

Théâtre du Rêve Expérimental / China

by Chong Wang

Development Manager, Ars Nova / New York

by Josh Bowman

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