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About KPR


Stones are constantly pouring into the center of the stage from overhead.

The stone exit cannot be seen from the audience seats.

There, four salaried men in suits are carried to the stage one by one by a unicycle for transportation buried in a large amount of stones and abandoned in the four corners. It is treated like an inorganic substance and is also like a corpse.

Men stand up from the four corners and gather in the center of the stage.

The men spin the lines in the falling stones. Most of the lines ≒ voice will be drowned out by the sound of the stones hitting,
The voice heard between the sounds of the stones will make the outline stand out more clearly, and the communication by the stones will be deeper.


The stone-to-stone collision, that is, the will-to-will collision, is also a microcosm of society, and its voice echoes as if several stones collide with each other.



07/2013 Toga/Japan Toga Art Park Lift Theatre

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