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Space Three brothers

About KPR
2014.04.11 螳・ョ吩ク牙・蠑歃_HD_1757.jpg


If theater undertakes the spectacle of the body in all art, it is as close to an individual as possible, beyond what the theater currently offers, and the words that the theater offers. Beyond, now is the time to connect from the inside of the individual to the cosmic expansion.


As the three bodies decay through repeated oppression and liberation, you will experience the expanse of the universe from the audience seats tens of thousands of light years away, as if the flash of a perished star had arrived.


You will also be able to find the origin of your own body in the life of the universe that you will reach together.


You're always too close to yourself and you're not aware of your own wonders.



05/2014 Sapporo/Japan Theater BLOCH
04/2014 Tokyo/Japan Theater Rakuen

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