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Augustus in search of a father

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The love between parents and children who will never meet anymore is in a "storehouse" that
has existed since the Edo period. Those of us who are allowed to witness it are beginning to realize that time does not intervene in love.

What if Augustus, the son, and his father, the night watchman, had been aware of each other all along?

What if the nine years of time that separated them had disappeared in an instant?
I am reminded of Yoji Aoi, who told me that there is no modern theatre which is free from the influence of these two works, Waiting for Godot and The Zoo Story.

It seems that the landscape in the memory is always being adapted and staged by the self.

In other words, nostalgia may be rephrased as a dialogue between the self in the past and present.

This is a memoir by Augustus in the present.



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