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 『HAMLET|TOILET』in NY is over. Thankyou for      coming the Performance

  Please read 『HAMLET|TOILET』 reviews


American Theatre 2024/01/25 UP

 the absurdist marriage of poop and Shakespeare unexpectedly made a lot of dramaturgical sense.


Broadway DNA Blog 2024/01/19 UP

the experience of the performance brings the audience together in a shared evening of laughter and unmistakably, unapologetically human matter/s.

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The Japan Society’s presentation of HAMLET丨TOILET is a fine example of the kind of bonkers, head-scratching but thought-provoking work you might expect to find in Under the Radar’s programming.


Amid deep dives into the shape, consistency, aroma, and chocolatey nature of human waste, Murai also delves into cowardice, sanity, suffering, and revenge. 


 Hollywood Soapbox. 2024/01/7 UP

Yu Murai continues his Shakespearean journey with ‘Hamlet |Toilet’


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